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Waut KOEKEN, stage director



"Die Inszenierung Waut Koekens verzauberte den Besucher von der ersten Sekunde an…"

"Das Publikum hat die explodierende Lust am Blödsinn stürmisch gefeiert…"
Der Neue Merker

"Groteske fantasiewerelden..."
De Standaard

"Geniale Petitessen ... Diese Aufführung zu versäumen sollte strafbar sein…"
Wiener Zeitung

"Zum Brüllen komisch. Unbedingte Empfehlung…"

"Die intelligente Inszenierung Waut Koekens trägt die Handschrift von Jérôme Savary oder Monty Python. Das garantiert pralles Leben auf der Bühne…."
Name it  - Gay Lifestyle Magazin

"Young Belgian director Waut Koeken has revised the works to limit the original topical dialogue (although a reference to Hillary Clinton has been interpolated). Instead, an omnipotent narrator (actor Benjamin Prins, clad in tails) appears, sometimes from the most unlikely places, and attempts, in sublimely articulated French, to clarify the zaniness. His counterpart is the supertitle panel above, which offers a German translation but eventually refuses to comply with such utter nonsense and takes on its own persona, reverting to Chinese characters or abbreviations of Austria's political parties and spewing pop culture references ("Make him an offer he can't refuse"), then begins to calculate pi…….the multi-talented cast deserved congratulations for managing to sing some demanding music with great verve while enacting Koeken's insane pranks. This night at the opera was funnier than a Marx Brothers movie.…"
Opéra news

"The inauguration of the new season of the Vienna Chamber Opera with the presentation of two rare but delicious one acters of Offenbach was more than just a succes. And the credit for that goes mainly to the young Belgian director Waut Koeken…who paid precise attention to even the smallest detail. ….Everything is upside down, even the screen where you see the director….Koeken always stays faithful to his interpretation…It is perhaps for this reason that his direction never tires...."
Il giornale della musica

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